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Tailor-made professional coaching and mentoring for conscious change and sustainable success can help you to:

Michaela Richter Portrait des Business Coaching & Mentoring von Michaela Sturm

„I doubled my income“

Gina G, small business owner

„A new perspective for my marketing has opened up.“

Jacqui Beddos, business owner

„If you’re looking for focus and direction, this is it!“

Hannah Corr, business owner

„I am confident with who I want to be“

Beth Harris, student

„Finally, I can speak my mind honestly“

Sophie Baker, employee

„I can dream again - where I had never dared to dream before!“

Rob McGhee, employee and soon to be self-employed

Would you also like to live your vocation and be successful with it?

A combination of international business and therapeutic coaching methods and techniques.

For more than a decade, I have been accompanying individuals and companies in gaining new perspectives, uncovering blind spots in their career or company make-up helping them manifest change consciously and with ease.

In a safe and held environment, with mindfulness and greatest empathy, I guide them to uncover and resolve the root causes of their current challenges, and to cement a solid foundation for sustainable success.

My unique coaching and mentoring programmes are individually and professionally tailored to the needs of my clients: they invite profound and lasting change.

These programmes were developed out of a desire to assist people in their discoveries and realisations of their full potential.

Michaela Richter Portrait des Business Coaching & Mentoring von Michaela Sturm